Your hair is a permanent accessory, and Mango wants to help make it the perfect part of your look. Our team has highly trained Designers-- -at every level of their career, ready to meet a wide variety of beauty budgets. During each visit to Mango you will receive a professional consultation, relaxing shampoo, soothing scalp massage, and an Aveda ritual. Finally, you will receive the most advanced technique in hair coloring, cutting and styling, so you leave the salon feeling refreshed and confident.

Listed prices for each level designer are based on medium weight and length hair. Our Designers
will guide you through the right combination of services and prices for your hair.

Mango also offers specialty services which include Relaxers, Straightener, Perms, Facial Waxing/ Threading , Event Hair and Hair Extensions please call our Reservation Center to learn more. 

Hair Cut Woman - 30Mins

Price - $40+

Hair Cut Woman - 45Mins

Price - $55+

Blow Dry - 30Mins

Price - $35+

Blow Dry - 45Mins

Price - $45+

Color -15Mins

Price - $85+

Color - 30Mins

Price - $105+

Color - 45Mins

Price - $135+

Color Corrections

Consultation -


Consultation -


Consultation -


Consultation -

VoMor Hair Extensions

Consultation -

Fresh Dry. Wash. Dry. Style. Everyday on the go.
Get the convenience of a blow bar and talent of a high end salon.